PLOTS by Raffaele Ferrero

PLOTS by Raffaele Ferrero

From 9th July to 24th July
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OPENING 9 July at 19:30

Those who live in Puglia love the lights and the enchanted atmospheres of summer nights. He knows the suggestions of certain twilights that manifest incredible shades of purple and blue in reds. Those who live in Puglia remember the value of the blue of the sky, green and bright yellow.
Raffaele Ferrero paints the suggestions of these colors in his textures and graphic traces that outline his expressive line and translate his chromatic sense as well as his spatial vision. It is a painting lived in the geometric game between fantasy and rationality, through a never accidental medium, veiled at the origin but controlled in the entire composition.
Ferrero lives his art as a physical as well as a pictorial and cultural experience; the combination of the emotional and creative world is complete and total. His paintings become real and vibrant life. The professor. Mongelli, during the presentation of one of his exhibitions, perfectly expressed this concept: art as a place of liberation, exposure and transformation helps us to live by letting us see the modifications of reality. Transformations, therefore, which if referred to the artist Ferrero are expressed in the acclaimed sphere of geometric abstractionism.

Starting from July 9th and until July 24th, Raffaele Ferrero will exhibit his geometric paintings at the Michelangiolo Art Center located in Trani in via Giovanni Bovio 186 totally free with the following times:

Mon-Fri: 17.30-20.30
Sat-Sun: 10.30-12.30 17.30-20.30