Renzo Galardini

Renzo Galardini was born in Pisa in 1946. After graduating from the Lucca Art Institute, which he later took over as a teacher, he attended the scenography course at the Florence Academy. Painter, engraver and ceramist, in 1984 he was mentioned in Bolaffi for graphics by Enzo Carli. He has held personal exhibitions in Italy and also abroad.

Galardini is a classicist, a Renaissance, his technique, his subjects evoke the ancient world, express the strength of painting and the teaching of the Ancients. We could add that he is a romantic, a sentimentalist, master of that decadent sense promoted by a purely Northern European taste, a taste that refers to the exotic, to travel, to dreams, to ultra-sensitive correspondences, to the great Hieronymus Bosch, a painter of the fifteenth century from whose great artists have been fascinated as Max Ernst, Giorgio De Chirico, Salvador Dalì and Marc Chagall.
Renzo Galardini is also a contemporary artist, living and reliving the tensions of mass society in his compositions: small headless figures in a boundless space who act and work intent on performing unusual and sometimes impossible actions.