Joan Mirò

Joan Mirò i Ferrà, Spanish painter, ceramist, draftsman, engraver and sculptor, was born in Barcelona on April 20, 1893.

In 1920 Joan Mirò moved to Paris where, attending the painters of Montparnasse and the Dadaist circle of Tristan Tzara, he had stimulating intellectual contacts with emerging personalities such as Pablo Picasso.

The artist soon became one of the most radical theorists of surrealism, in numerous writings and interviews he expressed his contempt for conventional painting by expressing the desire to "kill" and "assassinate" it in order to reach new means of expression.
The works of Mirò's artistic maturity are characterized by geometric backgrounds and homogeneous colors, by fantastic, imaginative and humorous images, twisted in terms and lines.

For his works Mirò uses colors of strong impact, red, blue, yellow and black, creating increasingly abstract works characterized by lines and lines of raw and flat colors that have left their mark in the history of art.